Doctor Bogenrief has been one of the most influential people in my life and career. His passion for being the best and constantly self improving is something that I admire immensely. I am lucky to live around some amazing veterinarians and facility's but once you've been to Estrella Equine and worked with Doctor Bogenrief everything seems to fail in comparison.

-Jennie Brannigan
Brannigan Eventing
Unionville, PA

I became acquainted with Dr. B. nearly 10 years ago when he was the on-site vet at Twin Rivers Ranch. I had just completed the cross country phase of the CCI1* with my 10yo TB mare. She had a foot perfect round. I had come through the finish flags feeling as proud and exhilarated as I ever had. And then… the adrenaline dissipated and my mare could barely walk. I was certain I was going to need a trailer just to get her off the course. Within minutes, Dr. B. was at our side. Now I must digress… Previously, when I had called my vet to help asses the likes of lameness or dermatological concerns, I was met with this gasp which always made my stomach drop and feel like whatever the current issue appeared to be was ultimately going to be a career ending disaster. The worst case scenario was always assumed until proven otherwise. Well here I am at the finish line believing – without the help of a vet – that this WAS just that – career ending or worse. Without “the gasp” but instead with a “I see stuff like this all the time – no big deal attitude” Dr. B. did a brief exam and assured me that I could walk my mare to my trailer. He met me there in his vehicle and had me follow him to his equine clinic as I had not yet been there. I was overtaken by his compassionate can-do positive attitude – what a welcomed experience.

I was met at EEH by Chuy, Dr. B.’s long term assistant who gently guided my horse to the state of the art exam area. I was floored! (If you have not yet seen it, you should take a tour). A work up on my mare confirmed Dr. B.’s suspicion that she had pedal osteitis which caused a painful “ringing” in her hooves after galloping and jumping on a fairly long track. Treatment with Tildren was a simple solution which enabled this wonderful horse many more years with my daughter and me in the saddle.

I honestly have not met a more fastidious and conscientious diagnostician who has more tools in his tool box. From that point on, I knew I wanted this guy to be part of my “team.” Since that time Dr. B. and his staff have cared for all of my horses, done many prepurchase exams, etc. and kept my horses running (literally) in top form to the CCI**. I must add that I live in the Bay Area. Never has Dr. B. been unavailable when his services were needed (in person or via phone). Additionally, if he says he’ll be at our barn at 10:00AM, he’s there at 10:00 AM – despite traveling 150+ miles to get there.

Following exams and procedures, Dr. B. takes considerable time to educate me on his findings, options, prognoses, etc.. I have spent many accumulated hours in his office (more like a classroom) reviewing radiographs, scans and medical books. I have always been completely confident that my horses were receiving the best possible care and treatment solutions while consideration was also given to my pocket book.

I know this testimonial might sound like a paid advertisement but I was actually thrilled to have an opportunity to share my story and feelings about this extraordinary vet and his wonderful staff. He has provided MANY services to my horses and barn-mate’s horses over the years from the routine to complicated injections and surgeries. He and his staff have never wavered in their compassion for the horses as well as the riders/owners regarding their hopes and dreams.

Lastly, I appreciate Dr. B.’s drive to continually increase his knowledge and stay current with regard to the advancements in veterinary medicine. He surrounds himself with some of the most highly regarded sport horse vets in the country with whom he never hesitates to consult as necessary. Consequently, I am confident my horses are receiving the best treatment. When Dr. B. is not busy with his veterinary practice and continuing education, you can often find him cheering on his clients/horses at events throughout California as well as many on the East Coast. It’s clear how much he cares for these horses and loves to see them succeed and perform in top form – not merely to see them as patients.

- Dana Chase
Dublin, CA

I took a 12 year old AQHA gelding to Estrella Equine Hospital and Lameness Center for a soundness evaluation. Dr. David Bogenrief DVM and his staff were very professional and knowledgeable. They communicated with me through the entire process and gave me several treatment options. After deciding on a course of treatment for the gelding, he has been able to return to full time training and showing on the quarter horse circuit. Dr. Bogenrief’s exceptional knowledge and care has given this horse and its owner the chance to enjoy many more years of peak performance in and out of the show arena. I can highly recommend Estrella Equine for all of your horse’s veterinary needs.

- Lori Crow
Lori Crow Quarter Horses
Paso Robles, CA

Dr. Bogenrief is an exceptional vet and I've been lucky enough to have him be in my corner and a part of my team for the last seven years. Not only is he an excellent diagnostician, but he helped me find the horse of a lifetime. At the end of 2010, he flew to Europe to vet a horse for Gina Miles as well as a prospective horse for me. At the time, he was adamant about how special this mare was and he urged me to buy her as she was "one in a million." He was right about her in every way. She went on to have multiple top place finishes at three star events all over the country throughout her career and she made me who I am today. I will always consider Dr. Bogenrief to be part of my team, as well as part of my family. I trust him with any and all of my horses and routinely call him to ask his advice. My horses and I are very lucky to have him in our lives.

-Zachary Brandt
Zachary Brandt Eventing
Carlock, IL

[My horse] is what most of us would call a miracle horse. He is 17 yrs old in April. I got him when he was 9. He went lame 1.5 yrs after I got him. A year spent trying to determine what was wrong... rehab did nothing to improve his fate. Numerous!!!! vets evaluated him - to no avail. I was at the end of my rope. Dr. B had seen the horse at a educational clinic where he was again mis-diagnosed... so when I met him again when doing a prepurchase on a replacement horse he remembered Winston and offered to review his case. He immediately diagnosed the problem, brought Dr. NIXON from Cornell university to help do a very aggressive surgery to replace the cartilage in his stifles with stem cells and ...new horse with regenerated stifles. Dr. Bogenrief is a dedicated vet who goes the extra mile for his clients and their horses. I can't say enough about how much I trust him. And he will get second opinions as well. He is gifted, sincerely committed to his practice, and highly committed to his patients.

-Sandy Holmes
Dressage Rider

In 2002, I purchased a three-year-old gelding named Hy Dimensions (Strait). That year he had qualified for the AQHA World Show in Junior Trail. He was also the Canadian National Trail Champion. Strait began showing under his new trainer in 2003 and the gelding suddenly seemed to be exhibiting issues with his hip and back. He couldn’t clear a pole at the lope and yet he remained a kind and hard-working horse. Strait was then moved to a new trainer in Paso Robles where he now became completely lame on his hind end. He was taken to Estrella Equine Hospital where he was examined. It was apparent he had suffered some type of back injury prior to arriving in Paso Robles.

Dr. Bogenrief suggested two options…put the horse down…or spend a considerable amount of money for a treatment with Tildren. In 2002 Tildren was only available in some international markets and a select few veterinarians in the United States. The decision was a difficult one as there was no assurance the treatment would be beneficial. I decided to try the Tildren. After three months at Estrella Equine Hospital, Strait came home. Within a few more months he was showing again. A year later, Strait and I had qualified for the AQHA Select World Show in Trail.

Strait remained in the show arena until 2012. Sadly he ingested an oleander leaf while being stabled away from home and died. Hy Dimensions was a gentle packer who had no vices and who loved Trail. He obtained the AQHA Superior Award Trail and the ROM in both Junior and Amateur Trail. He also won three All Around Awards.

If not for Dr. Bogenrief’s diagnosis and treatment with Tildren, Strait would never have been able to have the wonderful life he had.

-Lisa Lazarus
Western Rider
Paso Robles, CA

At the end of April 2015, I was on a large ranch in the Carrisa Plains, when on the second morning out I found my horse down in his pen. We had a vet with us and he checked him over and said he felt the horse had twisted his gut or was very blocked. He suggested that I get him to a vet hospital as soon as possible. I did have choices but elected to go to Dr. David Bogenrief in San Miguel. To be honest part of my reason to go there was I knew Dr. Bogenrief and had seen his hospital. I feel other than a University, Dr. Bogenriefs hospital was a first class facility. I have been in many facilities as I was in the Animal Health business for almost 30 years and had a lot to compare it to.

At about 11:30 a.m., I called Dr. Bogenriefs hospital and explained what happened. Without hesitation he said get the horse in. I told him I was about two hours away and he said they would wait for me to arrive. . I arrived at about 2:45 p.m. and after a quick check and x-ray, it was explained to me that he did have a twisted gut and would need surgery immediately.

My horse was on the surgery table by 3:30 and we were able to view the complete operation on video in the waiting room. Dr. Bogenrief had a complete staff to help him which made me feel like if the horse was going to make it, he had his best chance here.

At just before 5 p.m. the operation was over and my horse was already trying to stand, within an hour he was up and looking for food. I came back in the morning to find my horse up and eating a little. Dr. Bogenrief and I discussed the care that would be needed from here on out for about 90 days. He suggested my horse stay for a few days and then he could go home or he had a recovery facility I could take him to that was less expensive.

My overall feelings of this experience is that my horse was treated with the best care and was in the best hands he could have been. It’s nothing that you want to go through but if you have to, this was a great place to do it. This was an expensive process but no more than anywhere else. It was made less complicated because Dr. Bogenrief and staff, are local and it’s nice not to have to go a long distance and get excellent care.

Thank you all for the care you gave my horse.

-Gary Davis
North 4-D Ranch
Paso Robles, CA